About Us

We are marine agronomists, passionate about macroalgae.

ALGAplus has been dedicated since 2012 to controlled and sustainable farming of seaweed species from the Atlantic coast, in a land-based system as innovative as natural and with organic certification.

Located in Ria de Aveiro, Portugal, in a Natura 2000 zone, we are pioneers in Europe to do so in a perspective of circular and blue bio-economy, by integrating fish aquaculture with organic certification throughout all process. Our production includes the only European commercial-scale hatchery of the species Porphyra spp., also known as Atlantic nori.

Our mission is to democratize seaweed applications and consumption of species grown in Portugal, through the optimization of cultivation protocols, to ensure the best quality/price in the global market.

We want to assert ourselves as a benchmark in the quality, consistency and traceability of marine-based solutions and the provision of technical support services.

Our main goal is to continue the investment in innovation, quality, environmental and social sustainability, values ​​that underlie the production of ALGAplus seaweed and that every day increases the potential of this natural, renewable and sustainable resource.

We hope you fall in love, like us, with the wonderful world of seaweed!

Our seaweeds are meant for those looking for a natural, sustainable solution with guarantees of quality, traceability and continuous supply.

The beginning

Founded by Helena Abreu and Rui Pereira, two biologists specialized in the cultivation of macroalgae, ALGAplus resulted from the desire to bring to the practice a vast experience accumulated in several research works conducted in Portugal and abroad, in a commercial activity with added value with impact positive impact on the environment and people’s quality of life. The main objective was to respond to the growing need of the food and cosmetics market, to obtain natural, sustainable and differentiating marine ingredients and products, both for their functionality and for their origin, through a resource that was not explored in the national panorama.

A little luck, a lot of madness and 100% dedication are at the basis of the existence of ALGAplus. To tell our story, we must remember Mr Manuel Caçoilo, better known as Mr Misca. Cod fisherman, former owner of fish aquaculture, who welcomed and allowed scientific research to become the leading producer of macroalgae in Europe.